Identity theft is one of the main problems that we are experiencing. With that in mind, you have to make sure that you know how to protect yourself from all these scams and not be a victim.

Scamwatch is one of the methods that scammers use wherein they pretend to be a company (usually your bank) and send you SMS or email with a website link to verify your account by entering your personal or financial information.

Another modus that they do is hacking your account using your weak password or using some malwares that will allow them to access your computer or mobile files.

They also typically use the social media networking site to get some of your personal information like your full name, birthdate, address and so on.

So how can you protect yourself from fraudsters? Let us tell you how.

Be alert on the messages that you received. Do not open any links that you do not trust.
Do not send money or provide any account information to persons you don’t know.
Use strong passwords and update them in a regular basis.
Avoid using public connections and use an updated anti-virus software to your devices.
Make online payments using a secure payment service. Watch out for the “https” URL and a closed padlock symbol.
Lock your mailboxes and shred any documents containing your personal information before throwing them away.
Access the credit report regularly to make sure that no one is borrowing money under your name. Visit the ASIC MoneySmart website to find out how to access the credit report.

If you think your account has been compromised or if you have been targeted by these scammers, report them as soon as possible.